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Food and Shopping

Duration: 1h30min


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has always had a reputation for being a free-spirited, cosmopolitan and vibrant city. As such, it has plenty of facilities dedicated to leisure, shopping and gastronomy.


  • Mercado de Vegueta
  • La Catedral de Canarias
  • La Alameda
  • Triana
  • Arenales
  • Centro Comercial Las Arenas
  • Mesa y López
  • Mercado del Puerto y Canteras
  • Parque Santa Catalina


  • 1 - 3 passengers:75€(25€ /passenger)
  • 4 passengers:80€(20€ /passenger)
  • 5 passengers:100€(20€ /passenger)
  • 6 passengers:120€(20€ /passenger)