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Explore all the hidden spots of the place you choose to visit. Enjoy an experience tailored to your interests while being respectful of the environment (electric vehicles with 0% emissions).


You choose what you fancy seeing! The best beaches, first-rate visits, culture, gastronomy...


Make your booking online, call us on +34 678 846 735 or send an email to hello@greentripcanarias.com.
You can make your booking choosing your preferred language and time of day for your tour.


Have a Greentrip! Enjoy your tour with Wifi on board and a driver who can tell you the best anecdotes about all the places you visit.

We show you all the prime spots of each place.

You choose where to go, who to go with and the language you need.


Great fun, 100% environmentally friendly, free WiFi on board, tailored to your interests! Enjoy all these benefits while contributing to a better world in a sustainable manner.