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General Engagement Conditions



The engagement general conditions described below (from this point forward “General Conditions”), exclusively regulate the contractual relation between a user of the www.greentripcanarias.com  web page and the service supplier, which is the company.

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE, S.L. under its trademark GREENTRIP CANARIAS, registered office in C/ Perojo, 30-bajo, 35003 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and TIN: B76150903.

Registered in the Register of Companies of Las Palmas, Tome 2049, Book 0, Folio 158, Page GC-46748 and date 14/03/2013. Commercial Register Code INTERMEDIADOR TURÍSTICO I-0003492.1

The engagement procedure and reservation of the service is completely carried out in an electronic way through the www.greentripcanarias.com  web site and with the same validity as its signature in person.

These general sales conditions herein detailed are the only conditions applicable and they replace any other condition or previous deal, except if the parties expressly and by hand agree other kind of deal and this one voids or modifies the present engagement general conditions.

The language used in the whole engagement procedure will be Spanish and this will be the language that regulates the relations between the parties. Showing information in any other language will be considered conditioned to the first one. In case of divergence, the Spanish version will take precedence on any other translation or adaptation.

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE, S.L. may occasionally modify the clauses included in the present general conditions, so it is recommended to read them each time you visit the page www.greentripcanarias.com .These modifications will take effect from the moment of their publication and will no have retroactive effects and will not apply to reservations made before them –previous versions will be accessible for consultation through the links in the platform and you will able to print and/or to download by clicking on the button for that purpose-.

Each purchase or reservation in the web page is regulated by the general conditions applicable in the date of request. We consider that once requested, you will have accepted, with no holds barred, our sale general conditions once you have read them.

Accessing the web, you promise to respect the general conditions, as well as the conditions of use there included.


During the purchase process the user will be asked to accept the terms and conditions corresponding to the site/browser in the country where he is purchasing. Conditions in each site/country may be different.

Any change on what has been contracted shall be communicated in advance through the electronic mail: hello@greentripcanarias.com

GREEN TRIP CANARIAS reserves the right to ask for documentation included in the booking in order to verify the authenticity of the data.

The user shall know that in the case he does not arrive at the time the service has been hired, GREEN TRIP CANARIAS may cancel the booking of the service hired, and the user will not have the right to reimbursement or for service replacement, according to the booking cancellation conditions.


We inform the GREEN TRIP CANARIAS users that the service will be provided according to conditions contracted when booking. Any change in the number of passengers or schedule will imply a change in the price and availability.


The prices of the services are shown in euros (I.G.I.C –General Indirect Canary Islands Tax- included). We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time. Nevertheless, we promise to apply the current price indicated on the web at the moment of booking.


The methods of payment accepted are as follow:

Real time payments: the sale, booking and receipt to the credit or debit card will be made simultaneously. The commissions charged apart from the priced communicated in the www.greentripcanarias.com seráweb will be those imposed by each bank, GREEN TRIP CANARIAS will never be responsible of any reclamation on that subject.

Payment in cash: the sale, booking and receipt of cash will take place in the points of sale that GREEN TRIP CANARIAS has in the different locations of the excursions start lines. The user will receive a voucher of the payment that shall be kept at all times on their person until the end of the service.

For both methods of payment, the client may ask for a receipt of the services contracted through the web or the email: hello@greentripcanarias.com


The user shall know that in case he does not turn up at the time of the contracted service, Green trip Canarias may cancel the reservation of the service contracted, and he will not have the right to reimbursement or replacement of the service according to the booking cancellation conditions.

Moderate cancellation policy: Whole refund 1 day before the date and time of the service contracted, except the banking commissions, if there are.

GREEN TRIP CANARIAS is engaged to reimburse the cost of the trip, except the banking commissions, if there are, if the purchaser wants it that way, until 1 day before (24 hours) the service.

In order to proceed to the cancellation it is necessary to complete some formalities through the web www.greentripcanarias.com 

In case of force majeure, GREEN TRIP CANARIAS will not be responsible of reimbursement of the services contracted.


All clauses or ends of the present contract shall be interpreted in an independent and autonomous way; and the rest of clauses, in case one of them has been declared VOID by binding judgement, will not be affected. The contracting parties agree to replace the clause or clauses affected by other or others that preserve the effects pursued by the parties.


T-TIME BELOW THE LINE, S.L. will not be responsible for the failure to perform the present conditions in case of force majeure, as defined by the Spanish courts and in case of break from the client or an unforeseeable fact of an external person to the contract.

In case of any disagreement caused by the failure to comply with the sale-purchase conditions, both parties will be submitted to the courts of law of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), except for what is established in the consumers’ rules with renunciation belonging to third parties.

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE, S.L. will not be responsible for the consequences that might come of the inappropriate use of the services sold in the web.