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Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy is a part of the General Conditions of www.greentripcanarias.com. The access and navigation in the site, or the use of its services imply the acceptance of the General Conditions (and therefore of the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy). Please, read carefully.


All data provided by the Users in the different forms, either of participation, in registration, promotions, contact forms or through electronic mails sent to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. shall be incorporated and processed by means of computer network, automatic and non automatic, in files declared before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.agpd.es), being responsible for those files:

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE, S.L. under its trademark GREENTRIP CANARIAS, registered office in C/ Perojo, 30-bajo, 35003 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and TIN: B76150903.


When accessing our page, you state that all data you provide are true and correct. You provide us with these data voluntarily and you give us consent so that we can process them, either in an automatic or non automatic way, for the specified and legal purposes of T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. described below, and they will not be used for incompatible or non authorized purposes.

The user is the only information resource of his personal data. Therefore, T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. begs you, in order to keep your data updated at all times according to the principles of the Spanish Organic Law on Data Privacy (LOPD), to inform of any data variation to the email address hello@greentripcanarias.com or by choosing the corresponding option in the section “Contact us”. We remind the user that in order to proceed with the updating of your data, it is necessary to prove your identity by means of providing a photocopy of your ID card or similar document.


In case the user is interested in accessing the particular services conditional to a prior register, receive information about or contact T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L., he shall fill in the request forms or other means to agree with the particular services offered through www.greentripcanarias.com in each case.

At the moment of filling the register forms, the user will be informed about the Privacy Policy and the acceptance of personal data processing.

When you send an information request or you contact us by means of an electronic mail, as well as when a person is registered in one of the Services of T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. by filling the form, the person is accepting the present conditions (on which the person states to be free, conscious, expressly and widely informed). Additionally, the personal data will be part of the final consumer personal data files created by T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L., whose corporate name and addresses are identified in the headline of this policy.

If afterwards the user wishes to revoke his consent to receive commercial information by electronic mail or by any other similar or equivalent means, he shall communicate it in the section “Contact us” of the Content, if there is; or choosing the corresponding link included in each commercial communication, without prejudice to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, and he may exercise according to what is disposed in present policy.

The data that we ask for, and that are the subject matter of the processing for T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L., will always be the appropriate, relevant and non excessive to your request for information and/or participation within T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L.


T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. will use the information provided for the following purposes:

  1. Carry out the maintenance and management for the relationship with the user; information tasks, investigation, statistics, market researches, training and commercialisation; and the provision of the services demanded by de User, including the delivery of commercial communications made by electronic mail or electronic means of communication or equivalent, or by other non electronic means, of the products, services or activities related to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L.
  2. If the user wants to enjoy our Services, it may be necessary to be registered and thus, obtain a “login” and a “password” (user name and password) with which the user will be identified each occasion. Once he has created his profile, the user identifier will be the same for all platforms.
  3. The data provided by the users could be used, in this case, to completely manage his relationship with T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. and services enjoyed/provided.
  4. The user gives his consent so that T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. may use his navigation data by Internet in order to send him, from the browser and/or the additional software module, the internal messaging, information and advertising of T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L.
  5. In addition, the user gives his consent to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. in order to process his geolocation and calculate travel expenses, offering personalised services while he is navigating in TAKSEE.
  6. The user also gives consent to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. to process his data as an ensemble to elaborate users profiles, with the purpose of knowing them better, market study purposes and render more personalised services.
  7. The user gives express consent to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. by the mere fact of accessing the page and doing any action or use of the services, contents, any international data transfer necessary for the appropriate provision of the web page, its location, or any other activity that implies the access and/or the storage of data outside the European Union.


When you send us a query or request of information through an electronic mail, you are conferring informed, conscious and express consent to process the data. You will find information about the consent revocation or withdraw any communication of T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. in our electronic mails.


The person registered in one of the Contents of the entities conforming T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. gives consent so that the data identified in this policy may be ceded with the purposes previously mentioned.

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. plans to make cessions or data communications, in view of article 11.2.c of the Spanish Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), in order to attend to the obligations with Public Administrations in cases where an agreement with the Current Law is required and, equally in this case, with other authorities such as State Security Forces and Corps and judicial bodies.

If the user does not agree with the data cessions above mentioned, he shall refrain himself from participating in the service, promotion or competition.


T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. advises the user that, except in cases of representation with credited legal status, no user may use the identity of another person or communicate his personal data, therefore the user shall only provide personal data corresponding to his own identity and that they must be appropriate, relevant, contemporary and true.

To those effects, the user will be the solely responsible facing any direct or indirect damages caused either to third parties or to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. by the use of other person’s personal data, or his own personal data if false, erroneous, not contemporary, inappropriate or impertinent.

Likewise, if a user communicates third parties personal data, they will answer before him for the obligation to inform established in the article 5.4 of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data ("LOPD") for when the personal data has not been gathered by the person concerned and/or for the consequences of not having informed and, in this cases, obtained his consent.

In the assumption the user voluntarily decides to facilitate T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. third parties personal data (for example his e-mail or his telephone number), with the intention of the reference or recommendation of the Contents of T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L., the user is engaged to previously inform those people of the intention of communication his data to el T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. and to obtain his consent for the data processing and reference of communications according to the current law, being responsible the user otherwise.

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L. gives importance to the security of all information processed, with the due security and confidentiality guarantees. Unfortunately, the information transmission through the Internet is not completely secure; thus, we make efforts and we allocate resources to improve our page each day and that the functionalities that we put at your disposal will be secure.

Once we receive your information, we implement security measures in order to guarantee the access, confidentiality and trustworthiness; and avoid any loss, wrong use and/or alteration of the data under our control. For example, our security and privacy policies are revised periodically, as well as improved as necessary and only the authorized personnel has access to our user’s information.


According to the current Community rules (Directive 95/46/UE and Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December), you have the possibility of exercising the following very personal rights, by proving your identity, either by electronic means (electronic mail) or by written communication addressed to our Privacy Responsible.

Your rights are the following:

  1. Right to revoke your consent and request not to process your personal data.
  2. Right to access the information we have regarding your person, with specifications of the purposes of the processing we make and the communications we have made due to the fact they are authorised by law or because they are necessary for the service provision you have requested.
  3. Right to rectify your data, by which we will update the information and the data we have depending on the information you will provide us with.
  4. Right to cancel your data once the legal period of conservation fixed by the applicable rule is ended.
  5. The user has the right to disagree with his data processing with the promotional purposes for the reception of commercial communications, as well as to revoke, at any time, with a simple notification of his intentions, the consent conferred to T-TIME BELOW THE LINE S.L., of which he does not want to receive any more commercial communications, without prejudice of the right of object to the user. To that effect, the user will address his objection by completion of the corresponding form in the section “ Contact us”, if there is, or just as the expected form in each commercial communication.

Our page www.greentripcanarias.com may contain links to and from other web pages. If you access these pages, be aware that you might be asked for personal data or information. Thus, we inform you that when you visit these pages you should visit the privacy policies.


You may request for free, either by post or electronic mail, to exercise your rights at any time. You will have to attach a photocopy of your ID card/NIE (Alien’s Identification Number)/Passport, because it is a very personal right

You will have to send your requests to our Privacy Responsible to the following address:

T-TIME BELOW THE LINE, S.L. under its trademark GREENTRIP CANARIAS, registered office in C/ Perojo, 30-bajo, 35003 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.


From time to time we will be able to modify or adapt our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing. We recommend you to visit it each time you browse in the site in order to be aware of current policies prior to any data you may provide us.